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Magazine and Newspaper Articles

I have contributed hundreds of articles to newspapers and magazines, inlcuding Boating New Zealand, NZ Trucking, NZ Fishing News,, Engineering Insight, Petrolhead, the Hutt News, and the Dominion Post.

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Author(s) Title Publication/Conference
Kevin Cudby K-Spline: A New Curve For Advanced Hull Modelling
Third High Performance Yacht Design Conference, December 2008.
Jérémie Raymond; & Kevin Cudby Using Parametric Modelling, CFD, and Historical Data, to Estimate Planing Hull Performance on a Laptop
Fourth High Performance Yacht Design Conference, March 2012.
Jérémie Raymond; & Kevin Cudby

Systematic Assessment of Planing Sailboat Hulls on a Laptop Computer Using Parametric Modelling, CFD, And Historical Data

Trans. Royal Inst. Naval Architects, 2013, 155, Part B2, (International Journal of Small Craft Technology), pp. 51–63.


Short Stories

Title Collection  
Jason’s Gas World Words—an anthology of international writers in NZ.publ. by Writers International (NZ) in Association with Headworx. Wellington, NZ: 2006.
Queerjo’s Favourite Pub World Words. Zaxocon and Drivel visit Lower Hutt for a beer. The bartender needed months of intensive counselling. The pub was never the same again. Listen to this story.
Jason’s Crew JAAM 20, publ. by J A A M Publishing Collective. Wellington, NZ: 2003. (also in Salient, Jun 2003) Jason Peabody's farm machinery develops a mind of its own, leaving Jason feeling a little prickly. Listen to this story.



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